Check Out David August’s Subtly Scintillating Single ‘Her Myth’


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David August, a German-Italian music producer and Dj broke into the electronic music scene in August 2010 with his groundbreaking debut EP, Diynamic. Followed by his first album release in 2013, “Times,” characterized by its melancholic, down-tempo bassline meant for an attentive audience at home rather than the clubs, this is David August’s recently released single, post his phenomenal Boiler Room session with a live stream on Youtube marking his sophisticated sense of music-making.

The track opens up with a filtered synth progression and a smooth sub. The synth remains throughout the track, and is fundamentally percussive setting for a smooth down-tempo mood.

The kick is soft, the clap is crisp and the drum beat is muddy, lead by a tiny vocal chop perfect for a long drive, an early drinks session at a beach side bar. What I personally love about this track is how a seemingly simple beat gives way to a more complex progression giving the track its defining edge.

[box]Track Rating: 6.0/10

Lacks a good hook and can’t be referred to as a single since the ‘lead’ is not a lead.

Wait for last call at the bar, get acquainted with a stranger or lay still by the beach with ‘Listen Up”. The mellow and sultry tracks will play in the back of your mind, wherever you are.

‘Listen Up’ is written by the discerning and admirable Alina Gufran. This piece was a collaborative effort, thanks to Sarthak Arora, musician & co-writer.
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