Beat The Monday Morning Blues With This Smooth Playlist

monday playlist

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Curating a smooth playlist to beat the back to work blues on a Monday from synthesized pop and disco beats to classic jazz, tune in.

1. Doses & Mimosas by Cherub 



An electronic duo from Nashville (also home to some of the grittiest blues to come out of America), Doses & Mimosas is a tasty track from their new EP, ‘Leftovers.’ The track with its signature upbeat tempo but with aggressive lyrics makes for a beautiful track to drive to work to.

2. Disco Disco – Donn Bhatt + Passenger Revelator Ft. Sarosh Nanavaty

This ‘80s throwback is the newest edition from Donn Bhatt, a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Mumbai who plays with his band Passenger Revelator combining dance, pop-esque, synthesized beats to come up with the headiest music to drive to, work to and just plain chill and take it easy to.

3. Mes Nuits Blanches – Kognitif


Kognitif, a French music producer indulging in all sorts of trip-hop, abstract hip-hop with distinct licks of jazz as the backdrop of most of his music, this remains a forever down-tempo favourite to enter an evening with.

4. Slow Love – MO


One of my personal favourites, this song rarely gets old. Sung by Karen Marie Orsted or as she’s known by her stage name, MO, taken from the album ‘Mythologies To Follow.’ She’s a name to reckon with her spree of awards and her mad, beautiful voice guiding you through his heady track. Sink in.

5. On & On


Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, or known by his stage name, Joey Bada$$ is a hip-hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York and delivers the best of his kind in the track, ‘On & On.’

6. My Way – Frank Sinatra


And as the dreary Monday made infinitely better with this playlist comes to a close and most of you sneakily are pouring yourself a drink, here’s some classic Sinatra for the frayed nerves. Do it your way.

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