Listen Up: Get To Work With This Provocative Productivity Playlist

productivity playlist

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It’s time to get your work face on if you’re not flitting off on a holiday; here’s a carefully compiled productivity playlist to get your feet moving and your mind going:

Alicia Meyers – I Want To Thank You

Taken from the 1982 debut album, ‘Alicia,’ this is a forever favourite. An American R&B musician, Alicia Meyers started her career with the band Al Hudson & The Soul Partners and started her solo recording career in 1981. With her smooth vocals and a distinct 80s disco vibe, this song always gets me out of my funk and into work.


Romare – Down The Line (It Takes A Number)

Inspired by the African American collaged cut ’n’ paste artworks of Romare Bearden, Romare was originally a drummer and guitarist through University and it wasn’t until much later, he picked up mixing on turntables. This is a particularly juicy track taken from his EP ‘Meditations On Afrocentrism.’ With samples of music and vocal snatches, this particular track marries his mixing skill with live instrumentation.

Big K.R.I.T – “Somedayz”

Justin Scott, known by his stage name, Big K.R.I.T (King Remembered In Time) is an American rapper and record producer from Mississippi. Signed up with Def Jam Recordings that has famous artists on-board like Kanye West, Leona Lewis, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, among others. This song stands above the rest because of the simplicity of the lyrics and an almost haunting rhythm.

Ornette Coleman – Lonely Woman

A jazz composition by Ornate Coleman and Jim Gardner, ‘Lonely Woman’ is the opening track of the 1959 Atlantic Records album, ‘The Shape Of Jazz To Come,’ with distinct sounds of double bass, a steady drum beat and that particularly haunting alto saxopone. Inspired by the painting of a rich white woman who had everything and the most solitary expression in the world, this particular piece has the capacity that most free jazz music has – to take you places with it. Traffic sucks on work days, you get the toast, I’ll provide the jam.

Fitzroy – Perrier Kush

Signed up with the French label, Cosmonost, this particular track doesn’t usually need much explaining. Downtempo at its finest, for maybe a quieter Wednesday.

Amateurboyz (Spiros Pliatsikas/der dieb and Thodoris Dimitropoulos/SheSheWaWa0 are the duo who’ve come up with hour-long set, originally released by German label En Lefko 87.7. Tune in.

This particular set curated for Wild City ( by Austrian producer and DJ – B.Visible is particularly tasty. With heavy influences in hip-hop followed by some of his own beats, this set ends with Toronto band BADBADNOTGOOD’s avant-garde jazz number, Kaleidoscope.


Pablo Nouvelle – You Don’t Understand (Calibre Remix)

Comprising of members Pablo Nouvelle, Mario Hanni Guitars and Simon Borer with Till Dudda doing the sound engineering, Fabio Friedli AKA Pablo Nouvelle was raised in Switzerland and derives his influences from class hip-hop and the soul music of 60’s and 70’s. With sounds reminiscent of Gill-Scott Heron, The XX and Radiohead, this particular track is mixed by Calibre adding their signature drum ’n’ bass tune to the dance and melancholic pop rhythm.

Darius – Hot Hands

Taken from the 2014 EP, ‘Romance,’ this French producer delivers consistently and ups the ante with this particularly upbeat number.

Joey Badass – World Domination

“Aye yo, who the f*** passed you the mic

And said that you could flow?

Point ‘em out b**** I wanna know”

Round up your day with this classic from American hip-hop artist, Joey Badass.