4 Formidable Workouts to Tone Your Butt

Workouts to Tone Your Butt

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While beginners may shrink away from the sight of weights at the gym, a majority of regular gym-goers in the UAE are quite aware of the indispensability of weekly weight training sessions.

For women who are afraid they’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger by pumping iron, you’re neglecting a lot of scientific facts.

Lifting weights does not build mass at the rate of body builders unless you’re taking protein supplements for expressly that. It increases metabolism, makes you stronger, and the afterburn after a weight-training can results in more calories lost.

On the other hand, if you slave away on a treadmill, you’ll get thinner but you’ll lose muscle mass. Skinny arms don’t look as good as Michelle Obama’s toned ones.

From attaining perfectly shaped glutes and quads to getting rid of the dreaded bra bulge, we combined weights with the often overlooked backside to give you a comprehensive guide of how to get the perfect behind.

We headed down to Fitness First, the most well-known fitness chain in the UAE and got some weight-training demos and advice from the gorgeous Portuguese personal trainer, Vera Santos.

Here’s are Four Killer Workouts to Tone Your Butt:

Cardio Vs Weightlifting?

Once, you’re done with those, it may be useful to check out the video below as well. It includes a five useful fitness tips that you will need if you care about your body.

Vera talks about the classic fitness junkie predicament of cardio vs fitness and how to balance them. She also talks about how women should approach weights and more.

Visit Vera Sanots and other platinum instructors at Fitness First UAE!