The Ultimate Guide To Adulthood


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Welcome to adulthood, a land where everything is serious and you are clueless. As we find ourselves transiting from our teenage wonderland to the grim, daunting and frighteningly-independent phase of adulthood, most of us often are engulfed by a swirling of confusion, anxiety and stress.

Most of us manage to surpass this perplexing period through the ‘hit and miss’ method, getting advice from elders or friends. We thought you could use a hand, since Millennials have their own unique set of problems to tackle.

So, let’s get you some help at becoming a real adult instead of a kid disguised as an adult. Here are a compilation of links to teach you what you need to know [You and I both know you need to bookmark this article.]:

1. The Living Alone Endeavour


Inevitably, as an adult, you will have to live alone. As exciting as it may seem, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when you first move into your apartment.

From paying rent to figuring out how many times a week you need to do laundry. Here are certain answers to the most obvious questions everyone has but is too afraid to ask:

2. Dealing with finances


The biggest pitfall of being in college is the involuntary abuse of money. Living on a budget can be hard.

Whether you’re someone who has just graduated from university or someone who’s still figuring out where they spent all their money (also known as, college students), there are plenty of ways in which you can save money or even make a little extra:

3. The most neglected element: Health


The highly competitive society the live in leaves us little time for ourselves. As an adult, you have to make time for yourself since no one will be nagging you to visit the Doc – you have to go when you have to go.

Make it a habit to undergo health checkups at least every 3-6 months, maintain a balanced diet and take time out for exercise. Go ahead and add, ‘stop taking yourself so seriously’ to your checklist and keep the below in mind:

4. Always prepared: Handling Emergencies

While you’re working strenuously towards making rational ‘adult’ decisions, on a lot of occasions, you are going to find yourself in a mess, which in all honesty is an output of your rational adult thinking process. Take note:

5. Jobs & Careers


Finding a job is the most crucial and stressful part of being an adult. The rewards of financial independence or an individual identity don’t come that easily, and there’s a lot more you’ve got to do apart from getting that degree. Here are a couple of pointers to help you plan your career:

6. Travel


“To travel is to live”

Hans Christian Aden

Alright, so now we’re at the fun part of adulthood. You’ve got the money to travel to exotic destinations. With independence comes the chance to explore and finally tick those boxes off your bucket list. But first, make sure you are aware of these travel essentials:

7. Self-Improvement


As you grow, you will look back at the opportunities you let go and the chances you didn’t take. Growing with age is quintessential – adulthood isn’t a permanent state – it’s a ride. It’s never too old to learn something new:

Final piece of advice:

Growing up can be intimidating, whether it’s work pressure or the emotional ups and downs. Don’t be overwhelmed, stay calm and don’t be afraid/too proud to ask for advice.

A little help is a sure ‘short-cut’ into adulthood.

What do/did you find most difficult about adulthood? Tell us in the comments below.