Loulz, A Multi-Brand Concept Opens In Dubai


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Loulz, a multi-brand concept store has introduced an array of high-quality, edgy, and independent fashion brands from around the world for the first time to the UAE. Loulz officially opened the doors to its first boutique located at Villa 559, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai this November 2015. The first branch will showcase collections from more than 14 designers, some of which have participated in various “Fashion weeks” around the world.

All labels will be exclusive to Loulz, and some will produce a line exclusively for Loulz. Most pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories are hand-made and cannot be recreated, making the owner of that piece truly lucky to be able to snag something so special and one of a kind. Each item at Loulz has been individually hand-picked to be part of a special story told by the collections.

Another unique element that Loulz will be bringing to the market is its series of talks and workshops that establish a meaningful relationship between the designers and their clients.

“How often do you meet the designer of your clothes? When you listen to them, you understand their journey, what goes on behind the scenes as they put their masterpieces to life and you appreciate them more,”

says Loulz.

The talks and workshops will be imparting useful knowledge and skills to its participants planning to start a career in fashion. In addition, it will also be an opportunity for the designers to get direct feedback from their audience on what’s hot and what’s not in the UAE fashion scene.

Loulz comes from the nickname the founder, Lorate Hamzeh, is fondly called by her closest friends and family. The brand is not only a fruit of her hard work and love for fashion, but also a testament of what she stands for.


“Whenever I travel, I visit the areas where local independent designers set up. I’ve always wanted to bring these hidden gems to Dubai and at the same time introduce the concept of ‘buying small’. There is so much talent out there that needs to be recognized and supported by the fashion industry.”

says Lorate.

As an entrepreneur who started small too with her first venture, The Big Moo Events, Lorate recognizes and appreciates the support she gets especially from her loyal clients. This has helped her grow her company to an award-winning events agency and enabled her to pursue her passion for fashion today.

Loulz prides itself for its collection of brands carefully curated in order to suit the taste of even the most discerning clientele. From clothes, accessories to shoes, the shop is the ultimate fashion destination for the modern smart woman with an inimitable style, thirst for sophistication, and an eye for artistry and innovation.

Parallel to the atmosphere created by the independent labels at their respective stores, Loulz also promises an unmatched dedication and genuine service from the staff to ensure its guests a personalized and fresh approach to shopping.

The Loulz launch collections are truly international in flavor with the labels being based from New York, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, London and Geneva. Most of the items are limited in number so each design is expected to have one piece per size to make the owner of that piece feel special at the exclusivity of the item she holds. Clients are encouraged to visit swiftly.

As Loulz playfully puts it “You snooze, you lose!”

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