What Would Your Friends Do for You?


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You know how your parents yelled/yell at you for not having your ducks in a row? For University students and working people, having the house glitter at all times is a far-fetched fancy, if anything at all. You have so much to do: clients to chase, deadlines to meet, exams to study for and maybe make time for a social life on the side. Who has time to clean?

One of our gorgeous and wholehearted writers, Amrita Thakkar, is sending out good vibes by sharing this admirable little gesture:

My two flatmates and I have been dealing with an influx of people visiting from Dubai for the last week. As a result, our house was pretty messy and, needless to say, none of us were looking forward to the clean-up. Last night, everyone left except for one of our friends. We woke in the morning, went to Uni, and decided we’d come back and clean up. She was sleeping at the time.

Imagine our surprise when we returned from uni to find the house spotless. She’d cleaned everything, down to scrubbing the stove till it was sparkling, all by herself. What an immediate mood changer – It’s the small stuff that counts. Thanks, Nicole 🙂


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