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Original Narrative: AUD’s Short Film Fest Launches This Saturday

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“A crumpled piece of paper isn’t a sign of defeat, but rather of triumph. Ideas that make history are built on a succession of crumpled papers. With every piece of crumpled paper, our ideas grow better, bigger and grander.”

They’ve put it beautifully in the quote above from the Original Narrative website. From 21 to 24 February, give the Nolan reruns a break, and enjoy craftily created student short films at the American University of Dubai at the Student Short Film Festival, Original Narrative, celebrating the spirit of “trial and error.”

Open to the public, with film screenings, workshops, mystery challenges and more the AUD campus beckons to artists, writers, film makers, film enthusiasts and aesthetes alike. There are a variety of categories to feed your entertainment appetite: Documentary, Fiction, Animation & Screenplay.

If you’re looking for a mellow and different night out, or hunting for a wee bit of inspiration, pop on over. You can find the events schedule here.

For those of you looking at University options, AUD offers unique majors in ‘Digital Media & Storytelling’ and ‘Journalism’. So, heads up: this event is a brilliant place to see the culture and level of creativity at a prospective institution.

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