Mrs. GYST 3: Friends Always on Their Cellphones

friends always on their cellphones

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Q- My friends are always on their phones while they’re with me but when I confront them, they deny it. What do I do?

Mrs. GYST: Break their phones, easy.

Things you will need: A background in acting and very few morals.

If you have friends always on their cellphones, it means they’ve already dropped a few IQ points. If switching the Wi-Fi off and pretending it’s not working doesn’t do it, keep their phone on the edge of a table and knock it over.

You need to make it look like an accident though. Other options include drawing on their face, their hands or any other body part while they are consumed in the latest game of Candy Crush, talking to their crush, or crushing someone else’s feelings via their phone.

Show them the downside of their addiction. When you’re with them, message your common friends saying nasty things about them. They’ll confront her instead of you. If you live in a tall building, you can solve the root of the problem and physically push them over the edge. Steal their phone charger, break their car phone charger and hide their phone when they’re drinking.

Or you know, get your S together and do something constructive. A great trick is to make a game of it: stack your phones in the middle of the table. Whoever picks up their phone first, buys dinner/drinks for the night.

Note: No, Mrs. GYST [Get Your S Together] isn’t a licensed therapist [think opposite]. She’s a guide on what not to do.

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