Mrs. GYST 1: Boyfriends & Clingy Girls

clingy girls

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Q – My boyfriend has a girl-friend who flirts with him, and he denies it. It really annoys me and I feel uncomfortable when they hang out. What do I do?

Mrs. GYST: Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Things you will need: An insecurity-inducing relationship with a guy friend.

Need to go shopping when the boyfriend is busy? Give your ‘friend’ a call! Make plans with your ‘friend’ that are intimate, shamelessly – dinner and late-night drinks. Give him the firm idea that you don’t need him around. When your boyfriend calls you out on it, which he probably will if he cares about you [fragile male ego], bring his friend up and draw a parallel – Easy. Or better yet, don’t say anything and drive him insane.

You’re right to feel insecure – the truth may be that he’s ‘dating’ you, waiting for her to come around and say yes. They’ve been friends for months/years – that doesn’t mean he chose not to have a relationship with her. It means he’s been biding his time, patiently waiting to tag along with her thieving leather jacket, short skirt-wearing persona.

Watch your back and don’t believe a word he says – He’s clearly in love with her, not you, regardless of how many texts he sends re-assuring you.

Or, you know – get your S together and talk to him like a human adult. He may not get it immediately because men are oblivious, but he’ll wrap his mind around it eventually.

Note: No, Mrs. GYST [Get Your S Together] isn’t a licensed therapist [think opposite]. She’s a guide on what not to do.

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