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Anxious People Text, Lonely People Call

texting versus calling

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A recent survey in the US showed that

75% of millenials prefer texting to talking on the phone.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? The awkward pauses aren’t quite as disconcerting when you’re texting, your grammar’s in check, you’ve got time to think of what to say instead of sounding like a blubbering idiot.

We suspect this trend exists in the Middle East too, with over 7 different mediums people use regularly to socialize. Can we get in your heads and talk about why it’s so comfortable texting versus calling someone?

A study from 2014 shows texting has a positive link with anxiety and avoidance and a negative link with relationship satisfaction. That means you can dodge confrontations when you have to fight, but it also means you feel less attached to the person compared to phone and face-to-face interactions.

Basically: Text when you want to avoid a fight, don’t text when you want to build a relationship [unless you flirt better via Whatsapp]

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 To give dimension to the above, a 2007 study we found shows:

80% global loss of population

Other research shows that lonely and/or anxious people prefer texting.

Possible reasons we gathered for why texting may be preferable to calling or meeting someone:

  1. There’s a backspace button
  2. You can fake being nice to people you can’t stand
  3. It’s easier to be honest [or to lie] via text
  4. You can google things they say if you don’t know what they’re saying and reply
  5. You can do it subtly at work and not be considered unprofessional
  6. You have time to reflect on reactions and responses to see how you come off

Since the hypothesis is set, let’s test it un-scientifically. Give us your take on the poll and tell us WHY in the comments!

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