Mrs. GYST 2: Friends and Alienation

friends and alienation

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Q – I don’t get along with my girlfriend’s friends. She goes out on weekends with them and she isn’t free otherwise. What do I do?

Mrs. GYST: Guilt trip!

Things you will need: A tear-inducing puppy dog face and polished argumentative skills.

Pull the old “I just want some ‘us’ time” or “It’s been so long since it’s just been you and me” and take the woman out. Do this every weekend and freeze her friends out. Relationships are about making yourself happy – forget her social life and growth. She’s yours.

When you meet the friends, be rude and intolerable – that way you can ensure she’s limited in her interactions – every time they call her out, they have to deal with you. She’s dating you, not them.

If the problem persists, blackmail her into spending her weekends with you. Make her feel like she’s abandoning you when you need her. Make her pick sides – if she loves you, she’ll let them all go.

After all, you don’t like them. You can’t be put in a position of discomfort. Her friends have to be warm and welcoming, with your identical interests and passions, or else they’re rubbish.

Or, you know – get your S together and try to get along with them, find common ground or common friends, and let her live her life while being with you. She’ll probably love you more for it.

Note: No, Mrs. GYST [Get Your S Together] isn’t a licensed therapist [think opposite]. She’s a guide on what not to do.

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