Women Against Feminism: A Meaningless Social Media Trend?

Women against Feminism: Just a meaningless social media trend?

Safa Yakoob Society ,,,,,,,,

Scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I was on a quest to find something stimulating amidst a pool of rants and cries [the usual stuff that people post on twitter]. As I desperately tried to end my boredom, my eyes froze at a hashtag. “#WomenAgainstFeminism” beside a raging tweet about how women are “against their own self-interest..?.” Another feminist, I sighed, shaking my head [But, it wasn’t]. Women against feminism?

I was intrigued and started thinking: How did the movement about equal rights turn into one where a woman can use any situation to victimize herself? I am not a feminist – don’t get me wrong; I care about women being treated well, respected, given what they deserve, given liberty and everything else that a man would get. I don’t the support rape of women or any similar horrors.

Women against Feminism: Just a meaningless social media trend?

However, if a woman is happy with her partner, then let her be. Don’t cook stuff up and make her sorry for herself.  Do not call her misinformed. Since when did feminism transform into a man-hating movement? Feminism was a movement about equal rights for women: the right to vote, the right to study, the right to work, the right to drive and every other right men have. The original movement is needed in many underdeveloped countries, but in more developed countries, where we’ve achieve these equalities, what are these feminists still ranting on about? According to Gulf News, in the UAE, “today more than 70 per cent of Emiratis in federal higher education institutions are women.”

#womenagainstfeminism: This hashtag started on Twitter and has garnered a lot of criticism from the feminists, but I think it is significantly right. It was started to show that women are content with their life, successful and happy with their partners. If women are happy with their partners and lives, then why do feminists consider them self-loathing and portray them as victims?

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Stop victimizing women! Women are not weak, and can even break a man’s jaw if he misbehaves [like the girl in India who cut her uncle’s p**** off when he tried to rape her the 2nd time, as stated by The Huffington Post]. Some women like to be called ‘hot’ by their boyfriends and don’t see it as objectification. Some women want to be housewives. Men are not all dominating pigs and they aren’t all rapists. Feminists and the media need to stop painting women as weak characters and stop making everything about rape. Let’s ease up. Women need to find a balance- a middle ground.

I am not here to ask you to stop fighting for your rights, but women really need to stop being so confused about what they want [equal rights or privileged treatment].

In a way, I support this hashtag trend because there are many people out there, who have started to realize that the real definition of feminism has been eroded [and I am one of them].  But the real question is do we even need feminism everywhere? The fact of the matter is that women don’t have it worse than men, everywhere, anymore. As Pheobe Buffay from Friends said:
“I know, I know, we can drive, we can vote, we can work, what more do these broads want?”