What Should I Get Her? | Guide To Getting ‘Her’ Presents

What Should I Get Her? | Guide To Getting 'Her' Presents

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I’ve seen them all, the shy kinds who’ve never gotten girls presents, the experienced kind who’ve given presents; but each always seems to be stumped when coming up with what new token of affection they can give to set a smile on their honey’s face.

Here are a few that might save you some head scratching and a lot of heartache:

1. Hand Written Letters

What Should I Get Her? | Guide To Getting 'Her' Presents

Where to find it: at your nearest grocery/stationary shop!

This one never can fail. I get it – for those of you who are writing a letter for a writer, in your eyes, your Bae has probably set the bar too high already. Regardless, her heart will melt like chocolate on a sweltering day the instant you hand her the good ol’ fashioned envelope with her name scripted on it.

The letter inside doesn’t need to be pages and pages and cheesy unrealistic promises, it can the simplest way of telling her how much she means to you, it’s really the thought and effort that counts! Trust me on this one boys, if she’s read Pride and Prejudice or PS: I love you, hand written letters are what she secretly fantasizes about.

If you know she doesn’t like cheese balls, make it a funny mocking letter that will make her smile.

2. The classic ‘Infinity’ earrings, bracelet, pendant

What Should I Get Her? | Guide To Getting 'Her' Presents
Where to find it; Forever 21

For those of you shy boys who find it awkward to go to a mall with (GASP) people watching you buy presents for your girl, get over it! It’s time to focus on her rather than those around you.

So boys, stand tall and proud as you walk into Forever 21 and take a casual, cool walk down the accessory aisle to find any accessory with an infinity sign across it. If you know your girl well enough, you’d know which of the three she’d prefer to have – earrings, a bracelet or pendent. If she’s a Disney fan, stick in a small note saying anything with reference to Toy Story’s Buzz, ‘To infinity and Beyond’, then see her break into the biggest smile!

3. Is she a Coffee or Tea addict?

What Should I Get Her? | Guide To Getting 'Her' Presents
Where to find it; Virgin Mega Stores.

Nothing is cuter than getting her her very own personal mug. If she’s into superheroes, you know exactly which mug to get her – Superman, Batman, or better yet, Wonder Woman! Every morning, as she sips on her mandatory coffee or tea, she’d know you’re there to support her with your token of affection to kickstart a tedious day ahead!

Also, who doesn’t want a Superhero mug anyway?

4. ‘Smell you later’

What Should I Get Her? | Guide To Getting 'Her' Presents

Where to find it; depends on how long Bae and you have made it through!
Bath and Body Works
The Body Shop
Paris Gallery
Victoria’s Secret

It usually starts from ‘Bath and Body Works’ or ‘The Body Shop’, but as you move further into the relationship, an upgrade is a must!

Chanel 5 will make her swoon fabulously like Marilyn Monroe herself (Chanel 5 was the Diva’s favourite scent, a definite mark of high fashion.) Then, there is always Victoria’s Secret with sassy names to go with their perfumes!

Now for those of you boys who get weak in the knees and red in the face trying to cross the zone of girl-world into Victoria’s Secret, ask your Bae’s best friends for a helping hand to purchase what you’d like for her. This shop is the perfect place to get Bae prettily wrapped and ribboned boxes of scents.

Every time she uses you given perfume she’d know you’d be leaning in and flattering her on how irresistible she smells! (Note: Girls love it when you do this. No, seriously, they do.)

Any cool ideas to add to this list? Tell us in the comments below.