Swoon To This Romantic Frank Sinatra Playlist


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The best is yet to come and babe, won’t it be fine.. The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine. 

The swoon-worthy gentleman, the roguish playboy in and out of love, a pack master of the renowned ‘Rat Pack’, Sinatra pulled at the heart strings of many a young poodle skirt-wearing girls from the 40s right down to the feminists of 00’s.

With his tender and strapping voice, it’s easy to see why his tunes are timeless. When winter comes about and NYE is around at the corner, a Frank Sinatra playlist seems fitting [play it on loop]:

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Words by Ralph Blane, this immortal and heartwarming Christmas classic transports you straight under the mistletoe, any time of the year. Sinatra’s voice brings it to life.

2. Strangers In The Night

This one will send shivers down your spine the first time you hear it. With tension-laden notes and subtly sultry lyrics, if you’re a romantic you’ll love this track. If you love this track, you can thank Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder for the hauntingly beautiful lyrics.

3. I’ve Got You Under My Skin

To keep the air heavy and brimming with tension, here’s a track composed to have you weak in the knees [and everywhere else]. Like a lover you can’t forget, this tune will creep under your skin in the most scintillating and memorable way.

4. Fly Me To The Moon

Moving from the hot to the peppy and fairly innocent ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, written by Bart Howard. Feel your heart skip a beat and your face turn up a grin when he sings earnestly ‘In Other Words..’

5. Something Stupid

This track captures the essence of most unrequited love stories; the fear of saying the wrong thing, the seemingly insurmountable task of confessing your love, and the aching bitter-sweetness of having her/him around.

6. My Way

This may arguably be the most influential Sinatra track. It’ll make you think of your life’s direction and hopefully imbue a sense of satisfaction with a slightly melancholic tinge.

7. Moon River

You’ve probably heard this in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ It requires no introduction. Thank you, Johnny Mercer for the background track to every bluesy evening.

8. I Get A Kick Out Of You

Upbeat, honest, funny, this song is the perfect dedication [and also a great dance song].

9. The Way You Look Tonight

You’ve heard this even if you’re the world’s biggest cynic.

10. That’s Life

The ideal end to an idealistic Frank Sinatra playlist. Written by Dean Kay & Kelly Gordon, it reminds us that even if you’ve had a challenging year, it’s only part of the whole story. A big-picture, cheerful, spirited song that’s great to have on your emergency ‘motivation’ playlist.

11. [We lied – there’s a number 11] The Best Is Yet To Come

Self-explanatory pick-me-up track.

Did you enjoy this playlist? What are your Frank Sinatra favourites? Tell us in the comments below.

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