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Receive Supportive Finger-Snaps At Blank Space Open Mic


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In between the Jumeirah Palm Strip Mall and The Village Mall, a warm-lit, cozy tent featured poets, musicians and stand-up comedians during the 5th Blank Space Open Mic event on Thursday last week.

Following Abdulla AlShamataan’s praise of camels, Mustafa’s first ever poem, Mish’al Eskander’s standup comedy and Mohammed Al Shwaf’s condemnation of his inability to provide aid to the Syrian refugees, the featured poet Abdul-Nasser Mohammed recited his poetry.

A part of his piece that wiled the crowd went like this: “Remember that the shoes don’t make the man, the man makes the shoes, and so if you need a new Nike to be in the game, then you’re already out of your league.”

Blank Space Open Mic Night
Cosy and comforting. The poetry will come pouring out. [via Blank Space’s FB page]
Following his performance, Abdul-Nasser said in an interview,

“It is the support here tonight that is the reason I’ve held on so strong. Literally, a kid could get on that stage and say the simplest nursery rhyme and the support that they will get will be immense.”

Indubitably, Abdul-Nasser was right; among the immense finger-snaps, laughs and some tears, what shined most was the crowd’s support. Of the most supportive members of the audience was Mathani Mohammed, the creator and host of Blank Space.

“I don’t think the people would’ve been as supportive if Mathani wasn’t here. Her energy is definitely reflected on us,” commented Ghada Mohammed, an audience member.

Mathani, the host, is often told of her enthusiastic nature,

“People always come up to me and say, “’Oh you’re too hype for life’ and ‘What do you have in the morning?’ but it is just who I am and I think it is who I am that is reflected on the audience in my events.”

So the next time you feel down and want to get inspired or you’re in the mood to inspire someone else, head to Blank Space’s next event, taking place on Jan. 21, 2016.

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