Meet Gemma Weston, FlyBoard Champion & Stunt Performer

Gemma Weston

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Photo credits: Danielle Gavagni

Dubai – The newly crowned FlyBoard World Champion, Gemma Weston, let us have a sneak peak at her life behind the magnificent water stunts. Weston has, as she says, been in a daze since winning the FlyBoard Championship in Dubai that took place earlier this year, as she hoped to place high, but never expected to win.

She had a chance encounter, kicking off her passion for the sport. Her FlyBoard journey started as her brother, who owns Flyboard Queenstown in New Zealand, asked her to take his place as an instructor because he was contracted as a stunt performer on a show in Auckland, New Zealand.

She trained and absolutely loved the sport. From there she kept pushing the boundaries. Weston’s other hobbies include martial arts, scuba diving, snowboarding, paragliding, mountain biking and travelling.

Gemma Weston
Photo credits: Danielle Gavagni

The lady of many talents, Weston, is also a stunt performer. Since 2008, Weston has worked as a stunt performer in the Legend of the Seeker, Vikings, Yogi Bear, Neverland, The Hobbit trilogy and Pete’s Dragon.

“It enables me to travel, to act, to do crazy fun things and I meet great people along the way. You work crazy hours sometimes and you can get mentally and physically drained, but the rewards are there once you see the final product of all that hard work,”

Weston tells B-Change.

Weston is looking forward to getting her visa for the United States to get some stunt work done there too.

“ I never try plan too far ahead as life always likes to throw curve balls, but I hope in 10 years I am still living a fun and happy life,” Weston added.

Want to try your hand at flyboarding? Try here.

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