Nooks & Corners: Eataly Dubai | Iftar Review

Rolatina De Pollo

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The customer is not always right, Eataly is not always right. But through the differences, they create harmony.

This week we are reviewing the Iftar menu at Eataly Dubai, a contemporary Italian restaurant located in Dubai Mall. It is not your everyday basic meal, it is an experience. We guarantee not only will you enjoy a wholesome meal, but also walk out well educated about what goes on behind the scenes in the restaurant.

How much: AED 89 (Pasta or Pizza) AED 119 (La Carne- Meat)

Ideal spot for: Budget iftar / casual meal.

Where: Lower Ground level, The Dubai Mall.


Set Iftaar Menu

  1. La Bevanda (Jallab)
  2. LA Zuppa (Soup)
  3. L’ Insalata (Salad)
  4. La Pizza/ La Pasta (AED 89) or La Carne- Non-vegetarian main course (AED 119)
  5. Il Dolce (Dessert)

Vegetarian Tasting (AED 89)

We started off with Minestra Di Orzo Soup, which is a combination of lentil, barley, chickpeas and beans. The second option was the Minestrone Soup drizzled with pesto sauce, which consists of chunks of fresh vegetables. Moving on to salads, we tried Elegante, which is mixed green salad with pears, parmesan topped with walnuts and balsamic dressing. Another option in salads was the Insalata Del GiarDino, which consists of mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, radish, onions and carrots with balsamic dressing. Between pasta and pizza, we picked Penne Alla Norma Pasta. It is a preparation of Afeltra Penne with antonella tomato sauce, fried eggplant topped with dried ricotta cheese. A refreshing change from the regular Penne Arrabiata which is our go-to pasta.

Nooks & Corners: Eataly Dubai | Food Review
Minestra Di Orzo Soup and Elegante salad.

Non-vegetarian tasting (AED 119)

Rolatina De Pollo- which is chicken leg wrapped with Bacon veal then roasted and baked in the oven , also comes with a choice of side dish, we picked mashed potato. (featured image at the top)
Obviously we finished with Tiramisu Con Datteri, Tiramisu with a Middle Eastern twist! With a hint of dates this makes a perfect iftar sweet. To drink we had Jallab, date syrup and rosewater topped with pine nuts. We can safely say that it was one of the best we’ve ever had.

B-Change Picks:

Minestra Di Orzo Soup: This combination of legumes was absolutely filling and a great way to break your fast.
Rolatina De Pollo: This can go very wrong if not done right however, they nailed it! Slow cooking allows the chicken to be well done but tender at the same time. Must try!
Tiramisu: This Ramadan special is an absolute winner! The consistency was just right, and the flavor of the dates wasn’t overpowering. YUMMY!


On entering the restaurant, we were greeted warmly by the management and escorted to a table reserved for us. Once seated, our waiter for the night, Manoj, approached us with the menu and helped us decide the perfect dishes. We had an issue with the pasta since it was cooked the Al Dente way (cooked to be firm to bite, Italian Style) and was too chewy for our liking.
We mentioned our concern to Manoj, who insisted on changing the pasta.

The restaurant lives by the following rule: the customer is not always right, Eataly is not always right. But through the differences, they create harmony. All in all we’d give their service a 10/10.


The restaurant is divided into 3 sections: the cafe where as you enter you’d see the Nutella bar, Venchi, etc., where they have placed casual sofa cum chair perfect for a cup of coffee or a quick chat with a friend. Moving ahead there is a separate full-fledged restaurant section which comprises of another menu and is very well lit to give the diner a very upbeat market environment. The third and final section would be the retail zone which has all their items on display for sale. If you like a particular ravioli or sauce, you can purchase the same from their retail zone. A very bright and lively atmosphere, perfect for a nice casual meal with friends or family.

There are variety of things you can treat your taste buds to at the Nutella Bar in the Eataly.
There are variety of things you can treat your taste buds to at the Nutella Bar in the Eataly.

Four Fascinating Facts about Eataly Dubai:

  1. Eataly sells seasonal truffles which can cost anywhere between AED20,000 -29,000/Kg. The truffles sold in summer for a few months are called black summer and the ones sold in winter are known as white winter. Another interest fact is that they shrink everyday so they need to be carefully stored in controlled conditions.
  2. The tree that you see in the picture below is 50 years old Bonsai Tree imported from Lebanon. With four lights placed above that act like sunlight, it must be looked after like a baby.

    The 50-year-old Bonsai tree imported from Lebanon
    The 50-year-old Bonsai tree imported from Lebanon
  3. How much do you think their most expensive vinegar would cost? Take a wild guess. At AED 2,990 they sell 100 year old balsamic vinegar. Unfortunately we couldn’t taste this, however we had the opportunity to taste their 15-20 year ones and we noticed with age, the vinegar gets thicker and the flavor intensifies. The inclusion of grape made them almost taste like strong wine!
  4. Eataly only uses fresh yeast for their pizza dough. After the dough is made it is allowed to set for 48 hours before they can use it, this makes their pizzas extremely easy to digest! Also the Al Dente method they use to cook their pasta is the authentic way of cooking it. This technique makes the pasta easier for digestion as well! However, if you want your pasta soft cooked, make sure to inform your server beforehand.

B-Change’s Foodie Rating: 8/10

For reservations, call 04 330 8899

Quick tip: During Iftar, the restaurant is usually full, hence it is advisable to make reservations beforehand. The policy of reservation is only valid until end of Ramadan, after which they will return to their policy of first come first serve.