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This music-&-football loving maniac has a tender heart, a competitive spirit and great taste in music. When driven, he writes and strikes like wasabi on the tongue. Among other things, he sketches beautiful portraits, enjoys pretending to be bad at FIFA, loves easily, and is a great companion to try new food with.

Nooks & Corners: Chez Sushi Review

This week, we had the chance to review the famous Japanese and sushi restaurant in Dubai, Chez Sushi. Our review is based on the performance of their Business bay branch. You can also go to their othe…

Shakeb Nezam Sports ,,,,,,,,,,

When the 20th FIFA World Cup kicked off in the Arena de Sao Paulo in Brazil on Thursday June 12th, it has since been under the watchful eye of more than a billion people. From villages in the farthest corners of the globe to crowded cities on all continents, the audience captivated. All of them, […]