Nooks & Corners: Chez Sushi Review

Nooks & Corners: Chez Sushi Review
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This week, we had the chance to review the famous Japanese and sushi restaurant in Dubai, Chez Sushi. Our review is based on the performance of their Business bay branch. You can also go to their other branches in Dubai Marina, Al Wasl Road and Arabian Ranches.

Where: Chez Sushi, Business Bay, Dubai.

How much:  AED 200 for 2 persons.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.

Recommended: Rock shrimp, Prawn Spring rolls.



Our server for the night Johnny (who is quite awesome in his own right) presented to us the Chez Sushi’s special Edamame priced at AED 18 which is filled with sesame and spices which adds a whole new zest to the dish. With the edamame, we were served the most delicious prawn spring rolls  I have had till date. Now this spring rolls business was taken to the next level with a one of a kind Wasabi mayonnaise. This is so out of the world #MustTry. However, we came to the conclusion that at AED 38, the spring rolls were a tad overpriced, despite, magnificence of the mayonnaise.

Nooks & Corners: Chez Sushi Review
Prawn spring rolls with wasabi mayo!

In the mean time our drinks had arrived, I was presented with a unique Organic Apple & Ginger drink, which was awfully good in it’s own way. The combination might sound weird but it does definitely gets the green light. Not known for his risks, my plus one opted for the simple and subtle classic mojito. It was simple and refreshing, in the best way possible.


We began with the Rock shrimp covered in cream chilly sauce and with some Wasabi mayonnaise on the side. This dish alone can be the reason you need to go to Chez Sushi. The cream chilly blends in with the shrimp adding a whole new flavor to it. The Rock shrimp tempura was priced at AED 58 which we feel, from having the similar dish over various restaurants, was priced at a fair amount.

Nooks & Corners: Chez Sushi Review
Rock shrimp covered in cream chilly sauce

Once the Rock shrimp plate was cleaned out, we were served the Tuna Filo which is a wrap encrusted with fresh coriander, lightly fried and served with some sesame mayo dressing. Unfortunately, this did not live up to the standard of the other dishes we were served. The Tuna Filo featured tuna that wasn’t fried or cooked at all. We sure do hope the restaurant will revisit this dish.

Then came the chicken teriyaki. This was not the best teriyaki, nor was it the worst. Simple is the best way to describe it, but with a very rich flavor. Shredded chicken served with steam rice can never go wrong.

Nooks & Corners: Chez Sushi Review
Chicken teriyaki

Ambience and Service:

The restaurant environment befits the sushi being served there. We particularly love the sushi-edamame pillows (no, you can’t eat them). The outdoor seating area is ideal for the winter and overlooks at the Burj Khalifa. The service was brilliant. We were welcomed with a huge smile and managed to have a chat with the entire staff which is super friendly. Our server Johnny was exceptionally helpful.


A Good experience, overall. A definite reason to return being the amazing sushi. Another interesting edge this place has is that there is an option to switch to healthy brown rice on your sushi rolls.

B-Change Overall Rating: 6.7/10