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Where: Café Le Flair, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Cluster G

How much: AED 70 for two people (approx.)

Recommended: Bienenstich, Espresso Con Panna.

Coffee shops and tea stalls make the ideal spots for long conversations and catching up with old friends. We reviewed a certain coffee shop in bustling JLT and were left bemused.

Here is the Cafe Le Flair Review.

If the home-y desserts don’t give you a midday mood boost, the service staff’s warmth certainly will. 


This cafe stands out, not because of its wide variety of snacks, salads and desserts [although that’s a plus], but because of the uniqueness of its offerings.

The head baker, Sven, who comes from Germany explained that the authenticity of the dishes comes from their roots in German baking.

Crunch, slurp. YUM.

Our favourite? Bienenstich – a German dessert made of sweet yeast dough, filled with soft vanilla custard buttercream and topped with a layer of crunchy caramelised almonds, otherwise known as the Bee sting cake. Not your commonplace dessert.

After devouring the bienenstich we had a one-of-a-kind Cherry Crumble. The crumbly crisp topping can be complemented by an espresso. The filling is sweet, warm, and gooey which makes it a comforting mid-day dessert.

Bread and butter - simple, soft, spectacular.
Bread and butter – simple, soft, spectacular.


Even the simplest dish on the menu – the bread with butter – has a certain flair. Loaves are baked daily without the use of any industrial products, so no two breads look the same.

We tried the Rye bread, which has very little gluten and is handmade. The texture and warmth breaks flavour down to basics, letting you appreciate simple combinations.


Want a coffee with a punch? Have the Espresso Con Panna or the relatively smoother and sweeter Latte Macchiato. Made with Austrian coffee beans, the watered-down versions of franchise cafes in Dubai don’t hold a candle to these rich concoctions.

Ambience and Service:

The classic coffeehouse has a home-y feel with simple wooden seating surrounded by a plants to brighten the place up.


The service was unmatched, as the head chef Sven and the owner Stephane willingly attend to day-time customers, personally suggesting favourites and explaining dishes to customers walking through the door – a next-door neighbour hospitality.


If you are tired of the clichéd coffeehouses in Dubai and are looking for something that, in its simplicity, delivers impeccable flavours, visit Café le flair.

The last temptation: