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A coffee-addict since 2006, she loves reading murder mysteries and thinks high-heels and books can go together. She has a cat named Godzilla and is something of a fashionista. With [beautiful] piercing eyes, this extrovert has an insightful opinion about everything in the world [no, really]

Waiting For a Call: Oh, the Agony!

Should I call back? No. I should probably wait a little longer. I mean I was sure I’d get the call back soon, but it’s been a week. It’s only a week, not that long. Seven days I’ve waited and I can wa…

Where’s My Post-Grad Life Handbook?

Suitcase full to the brim. Boxes packed, taped and shipped off. Closets empty and shelves bare. The room looked so empty and somehow seemed smaller; maybe because my luggage was lying in the centre an…

Anaam Ikram Society ,,,,,,,,,,,

Have you ever had a lover or friend that you could trust with your life? Someone you cherished, looked up to and loved? You couldn’t have imagined how chaotic your life would be without them. Then suddenly, they left. They walked away. They wronged you. Cheated on you. This may not have been recent, but […]