7 Small Changes To Completely Refresh Your Look

7 Small Changes That You Can Make To Refresh Your Look Completely

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As the clock strikes 12  on New Year’s Eve, the coming day begins with wishing our friends and family a happy new year and the partying continues into the wee hours of the morning. But, of course, the next morning, it’s not just the calendar you change; before the new year begins, some of us decide we’re going to have resolutions. Big or small changes we want to bring about in ourselves in this new year. But hey, just because it’s about halfway into the second month of the year doesn’t mean you can’t start making changes now. Physical changes. One of the most dramatic and noticeable changes you can make is a physical change, whether it’s an overall change, like losing or gaining weight, or small changes here and there – temporary or permanent – that give us a sense of feeling new or different.

Here are a few small changes that you can make almost instantly and refresh your whole look! Bare in mind, these looks are primarily targeted at women, but men, feel free to adapt these changes too, if they suit your needs.

1. Chop Chop:

One of the biggest look-changers is getting a hair cut, or becoming part of the rising trend of hair extensions (and even coloured ones a la Kylie Jenner). Chopping off a few centimeters off the ends doesn’t really do much, but when you’re taking away inches of hair, that is noticeable [hopefully, flattering too]. Chopping off hair can be one of the toughest decisions to make, but once you have a short-style in mind that you know will suit you alongside a consultation with your most trusted hairdresser, a good haircut can not only feel liberating, but also life-changing! Look at celebrities: Michelle Williams who has rocked a pixie for as long as I can remember, Miley Cyrus is another celebrity who has not only rocked a pixie but also a fade, and last year we saw actress Kaley Cuoco (below) aka Penny from The Big Bang Theory taking the scissors to her long blond locks and turning her whole look around.

Kaley Cuoco- Sweeting: after and before her makeover.

If a pixie cut is far too daring, you can even try a LOB – a long bob – its a beautiful face-framing haircut and makes it easier to maintain hair. Adversely, if you’re looking to add some length to your short hair, go for extensions (sewn in or clip ons as per your need) to really add some volume and flair to your hair. The possibilities with your hair are endless – all you gotta do is take the plunge [We’ll be here the whole time].

Scarlett Johansson has always transitioned between different hairdos with ease.

2. Tie Dye (featuring me below):

If a haircut is not really something you are going for but do want to make your hair look different temporarily, try a dye! Dying hair is not as tricky as it seems, if you have a good colourist or have some experience in how to dye your hair properly. Experimenting with different hair colours can completely switch up your entire look. This season pastel hair is to dye-for! Is it a scary idea? Yes. Is it going to look amazing? HELL YES. Do be careful not to use too much dye as it can be damaging to your hair and, perhaps, use alternatives like wash-out hair dye. That way it’s something that you don’t have to wait to grow out if you don’t like it or do another dye job – you can just let it wash out in a  few weeks and watch your hair go back to normal.

My personal favourite way to add a bit of colour to hair: hair chalk. The most exciting and easy way to add some colour to your hair and a bit of edge to your personality, hair chalk is not only available in every colour, it’s also very easy to apply and comes off after one wash! So if you’re looking to make a statement, even for a day, go for some colour in your tresses!

3. Switching Styles:

This one not only seems like a no-brainer but also the simplest of solutions right? No scissors, no colour. Trust me, simply changing the way you wear your hair can also totally transform your look. Usually leave your hair down? Try tying it up and see how that completely changes your whole look [or vice-versa]. Got a middle parting? Try a side parting. Got a left-side parting? Try a parting on the opposite side. This is not only the quickest way to change your look, but also the cheapest! It’s a fun way to experiment with how many different ways you can wear your hair without taking away or adding to it. The results might surprise you.

4. Studded:

Instantly want to feel a little bit bad-ass but not too out there? Get a piercing! There is a whole variety of piercings that you can get done and not just on your ears or eyebrows or nose. Nowadays, people are getting pierced everywhere! [But I won’t suggest that.] A piercing is something that sometimes isn’t even noticeable (like one or two more added to the ear) but can make you feel cool on the inside. Ones on the nose are obviously more prominent and can not only change the look of your face but also look incredibly elegant when paired with right outfits and accessories. Lip piercings are a bit far out for my taste, but a snake bite (double piercing on the bottom lip) on one side can look very sexy with the right kind of studs. Belly button piercings instantly add the beach-babe factor to your look and can also be decorated beautifully with a tiny ring and glittering jewel in it.

But before you go out and get one, do make sure your parents are on board with the idea and the tools used are clean and sanitized – it’s essential to be safe. Alternately, if you’re not up for a real piercing or are unsure, you can also get clip-ons, which can be worn whenever you want. If you feel the desired piercing doesn’t suit you after using that clip-on, then you can just take it off without worrying about leaving a spot where once a piercing was.

5. Pucker Up:

Yet another great way to change up your look this year is to try new make-up styles! We’ve all heard and watched videos and even tried to imitate – and some mastered – the intimidating but magical idea of “contouring”. It’s a scary idea to have all that makeup on your face, and some of it so expensive too, but with a little bit of practice and drug store make up, you can imitate any celebrity’s look flawlessly. Using a bronzer and highlighter can add just the right amount of colour to your face and give it a nice glow. If you’re unsure on which bronzer to use best, don’t use it, just use the highlighter to brighten up your face.

Try a different blusher colour than the one you normally use. At first, it might feel a little different or weird not using your go-to peachy-pink blusher, but a different shade can highlight other features of your face like your eye colour or face shape. Different colours of eye shadows and eye liners can not only instantly spice up your look but can also be used to add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain look.

Try a different lipstick, like a bold red or a deep maroon or a plum coloured one to finish off and make your look sophisticated and edgy at the same time. Not sure about how you’d look with no eye liner? Try it. It may feel a little weird and even make your beauty routine seem incomplete, but it’s a great way to look relaxed and fresh. Not sure how you’d look with dramatic eyes or thick eye liner? Again, try it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your makeup and change it up. It’s really fun and you don’t even have to buy new makeup for it – use the stuff you already have to try and create different looks for daytime and night-time wear.


6. Glam Squad:

Glam your simple outfits with statement jewellery. It seems a little over the top sometimes, but a simple outfit and a big ring on your finger, a statement necklace or even big chunky earrings can instantly make you sassy and stylish. Statement jewellery doesn’t have to be JUST one thing – pick only one eye-catching piece of item and wear it with a dressed-down look. That way you won’t look too plain or overdressed. Statement accessories provide a nice balance between having a really loud outfit or being bland. This technique can be used at work, hanging out with friends, on a date even. It’s the easiest way to look effortlessly chic by actually being effortless while creating this look. You can also stack rings together, or necklaces to create a layered look. But make sure it’s only one type of accessory you are aiming to make a statement with – whether its a necklace, earrings or rings, all of those together can look a little messy.

Want to take it up a notch? Head pieces. Plain or bejewelled head pieces are so en vogue right now and are, quite literally, the most elegant way to dress yourself up without having to add too much. Adorning your lovely face, head pieces can be worn with any outfit and add a touch of Arabian glamour to any outfit! Trust me when I tell you, it will be your best investment in 2015!

7. Tatted:

One of the biggest and committal ways to make a change this year? Get a tattoo. Yes, it is the most cliché way to make a statement, but it’s also the most effective. Whether it’s on your leg, a sleeve of tattoos, a beautiful design on your back or on your shoulders, a quote, a reminder, a momento from an adventure once etched into your skin, a tattoo is one of the most prominent way to make a change. We’ve all heard stories of some unfortunate people who got tattoos – under certain circumstances – and then regretted them after, which is why it is extremely important to make sure that you are absolutely certain about getting a tattoo, because once that ink is in the skin, it’s hard to take it out. If you’re not sure about getting something permanent, wear the fake ones, or even try the gorgeous Flash Tattoos (also fake) that come in gold and silver to add a little bit of extra sparkle to your body on a night out. Fake tattoos seem like a childish notion, but they are also a fun experiment to have a temp tattoo, without having to go through the procedure of getting a permanent one. They come in all sorts of shapes, designs, sizes, and even colours.

These are some of the easy and simple ways to change your look this year. Some of them are very dramatic and others not so much, so it’s up to you to decide what change you are comfortable making and to what extent. Making simple changes like these can be fun and exciting and an interesting way to make sure there are constant and subtle changes throughout the year that break up the daily humdrum of life.