Residents, Stop These 10 Annoying Things in UAE Now

annoying things in uae

Bhoomika Ghaghada Society ,,,,,,,

There’s no shortage of annoying things in UAE, like very other country in the world. Living in the UAE can often be a game of dodgeball – avoiding speeding cars, psychotic people and tricky situations [What do you mean I can’t enter the club stag?].

There are definitely more than 10 annoying things about us, folks, but here’s a good start:

1. Stop stuffing massage cards on my car window


2. Stop parking like a douche


3. Stop using a gazillion plastic bags to carry your groceries out


4. Stop abandoning cute little pets in the heat of the summer [or ever]


5. Stop inching towards pedestrians threateningly


6. Stop fake calling me telling me I’ve won AED 500,000,000 [unless it’s real!]


7. Stop ordering for 70 when you’re only ordering for 10


8. Stop leaving all the building doors open – It makes cooling harder


9. Stop tailgating like a maniac


10. Stop mistreating freelancers & pay them on time


Have you witnessed any other annoying things in UAE that people need to stop doing stat? Tell us in the comments below.

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