Markus Schulz Gears up for One Big Friday in Dubai

Markus Schulz

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Markus Schulz is currently on tour with his new album Watch The World and will be stopping in Dubai this coming Friday at Zero Gravity’s One BIG Friday.

Its fair to say Schulz is to modern European electronica what Serge Gainsbourg was to Franco pop a producer at first level, with a special penchant for giving female vocalists the confidence and bonafide platform to sing.

One could even go so far to say its a sort of electronica version of country music with the intention set by the vocals showing a real commercially accessible human side and storytelling.

A few names on this album’s lineup include Adina Butar, Mia Koo, Lady V, Helen and Brooke Tomlinson to name but a few and it seems a few of them have worked with Schulz before on some of his previous productions.

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It’s a no-brainer that a Markus Schulz gig would be an ideal place to take a first date or a date with a long term squeeze who is a real softy at heart and prefers soft ballads to harder edge street grime.

Schulz has been quoted that this album is very different from all of his other albums, and its fair to quickly agree that Watch The World has essentially gone ‘Unplugged’ with several scores as an offering, a series or version remixes of strictly ‘acoustic’ quietly subdued and highly emotional touchy feely tracks, the kind that sweep you away, take you on a faraway journey and give you goose bumps. One of the stars in Schulz’s lineup, Adina Butar will be coming along on tour so be sure to check out what she achieves with her set of pipes in the flesh.

B-Change spoke to Markus Schulz before his gig at Zero Gravity and here’s what he said:

What are your thoughts on performing in Dubai?

Yeah, It’s been a while since I’ve been there and we’re going to be arriving a couple of days early cause we’re really looking forward to coming to Dubai.

It’s getting really hot in the UAE, how do you plan on managing that?

[Laughing] Well you know what, we live in Miami. So we’re kind of used to the heat. But we’ll spend some time indoor I guess.

It’s been awhile since your last gig in Dubai, do you feel that there’s going to be a difference in audience?

Dubai has always been one of the places where you’re not quite sure what to expect. Whenever, I come to Dubai, I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of passion and how knowledgeable everybody there is about EDM. I think if I just go into it and, you know, think that way as well, I think it’s going to be amazing show.

Can we expect some new music or just the classics?

There are certain places where you know, you don’t get to go to that often, so you have to play some classics only cause they don’t see you as often. So, I think it’s going to be a nice combination of classics and new music from my new album Watch The World.

With regard to your own roster of artists (Cold Harbor), what do you look for when you’re hiring new ones?

I’m always looking for somebody! It’s funny because it’s hard to describe, you know it when you hear it, and I’m looking for that dark vibe but also that energy where it’s going to work in the club and the festivals. I’m also looking for guys who are open minded and want to be part of a team because the one thing I say about cold harbor and all the artists- we all work with each other, we all listen to each others music. It makes for a nice team. Everybody’s ideas are in other peoples songs and it’s nice that way. It’s not just an individual artist when you’re on Cold Harbor, but you’re part of a bigger community.

They’re all friends with each other. It’s not just people rolling up when its their set and then going back to the hotel. When I’m looking for artists, I’m looking for people that really fit in to that community.

We’re big fans of New World Punx and we love Loops and Tings, so when are we going to hear new music from New World Punx with Ferry Corsten and you?

We’re actually working- this week actually! I’ve been working on some New World Punx music- we’re actually putting together a new show and we’re really excited. Ferry’s working on his new artist album. I just finished mine, he also has the Gouryella project, so we’re really kind of busy with our own solo projects. But, you know, we were together last week and we were hanging out and just talking about our ideas for a New World Punx show. So, we’re working on that and we hope to have that by sometime this summer.

One Big Friday at Zero Gravity 2016

One Big Friday is a 12-hour festival at Zero Gravity, taking place on Friday May 13. The event runs from 3pm to 3am and attracts crowds of more than 5,000 people. Entrance to One Big Friday is free before 6pm for all, and AED 150 thereafter (aged 21+).

Zero Gravity also offers One Big Brunch from 3pm to 6pm for AED 395 per person (aged 21+), which includes free entry to One Big Friday.