Nooks & Corners: Frioul Brunch Review

frioul brunch

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Frioul, a restaurant and lounge located on the banks of Madinat Jumeirah’s lapping canals, offers up a brunch menu reminiscent of the fresh sea, green land and decadent wine and cheese from France.

Where: Frioul Restaurant and Lounge, Madinat Jumeriah

How much:  AED 295 per person

Cuisine: French/Mediterranean

Recommended:  The Roasted Lamb Cutlet & Chocolate Fondant with Mango Sorbet


Appetizers & Mains

frioul brunchThe charming bit about this brunch menu was its flexibility and portions. With four courses, the first being salads, cheese and bread laid out buffet-style, the remaining 3 courses – eggs, mains and desserts – come freshly made off the menu in small portions.

With no worn-out dishes at play here, one healthy salad option sang, featuring refreshing watermelon, cherry tomatoes and mint. Another with various ingredients drizzled with cider dressing took the cake.

frioul brunchRound two came with cheese, mushrooms and spinach, egg whites and a standing ovation. Don’t skip the omelets at Frioul.

For mains, we tucked into a little bit of everything – While the grilled sea bass fell apart at the daintiest touch of the fork, the lobster linguini failed to amuse us in its depth of flavor.

The mushroom and truffle risotto, while satisfactory, wasn’t enough to make heads turn. The roasted lamb cutlet was succulent, cooked with a fragrant char and the right amount of sauce.


Then came the dessert.

The crust of the crème brulee crinkled and crackled with its echoes everywhere – delicious. The weighted chocolate cake may have been too much too handle had it not been for the accompanying tangy mango sorbet.

The cheesecake is better than places known for cheesecake.

Ambience & Service

madinat-jumeirah-2Luminous with natural light, wooden interiors, chic and intimate little white chairs and tables, set beside turquoise water, the setting of the restaurant is flawless.

Glass doors on the inside with an open kitchen, a reading corner and a slick-looking bar all contribute to a rich yet easygoing ambience – devised for weekends.


All in all, a pleasant experience. If you’re looking for a 4-hour fiesta with mates/family on Friday afternoon, Frioul’s elaborately designed 4-course brunch [not to mention the excellent setting] will have you nibbling and gabbing the time away with no complaints.

If you’re interested, take note: While well-worth the free-flowing wine/mimosas, the a la carte menu can burn a hole in your wallet [it is upscale after all.]

Make sure you reserve a table, because the popular event venue can book up quick.

While the outdoor seating is great until April, request a table indoors during the summer [unless the wine can cool you off].