Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels: Dealing With Adoption & Hip Hop


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Imagine what it would be like to find out that you’re adopted one fine day at the age of 35. Well, Darryl McDaniels better know as DMC, from the legendary hip-hop group, Run DMC tell us his story.

The legend was in Dubai to promote his latest comic book at the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2016 when he spoke to us.

Run DMC was the first group to go platinum and the first rap trio to really experience the heights and privileges of making it in the hip hop world.

As it happens, McDaniels tells us he did not just want to be known for being DMC of Run DMC, he wanted people to know the man called Darryl McDaniels. Check out the video below to listen to his remarkable story.

What does Darryl McDaniels thinks of 21st Century Hip Hop?

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