How to Order a Better Subway Sandwich


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Recently, I was invited to  celebrate 50 years of Subway’s founding. Now, this was no ordinary celebration. They literally took me behind the scenes and gave me the opportunity to be a sandwich artist. I got the Subway apron, cap and plastic gloves (which take quite long to put on) and a lesson on how hygienic things are kept behind the counter. I was then introduced to the skill of cutting the bread through the middle, which requires quite some precision. By the end of the process, I promptly realized that I was best suited to ordering and eating my sub than I was to making it. Furthermore, the credit your sandwich artist deserves is much more than you realize.

After my behind the counter experience, I sat down with Hicham Ghazal from SUBWAY Middle East & Africa, who answered some Subway sandwich FAQs. Millennial or not, Subway is one of the urban world’s staple diets. If you order it right, it can really hit the spot and still keep your lower belly light.

1. What are some things foodies should keep in mind while ordering a sub?

At SUBWAY, all subs are prepared fresh in front customers. ‘Foodies’ have a clear view of all the ingredients and toppings and can enjoy the experience of building their own sandwich. It’s almost like an in-store theater where products are freshly prepared and displayed for customers to enjoy and take part in such an experience. With more than 6 million combinations of subs, customers can mix and match the toppings and have endless possibilities. They can build the subs based on their liking and taste preference. From highly indulgent options to a ‘better-for you’ range of subs, SUBWAY has something for everyone.

2. Is there such a thing as the “perfect sub”?

Yes, the perfect sub is there for every customer. We make Subs to every customers’ liking. Every customer can have his/her own signature or perfect sub by combining the toppings he/she likes. Choices are endless, from 5 varieties of freshly baked bread to a wide selection of fresh veggies, toppings and condiments. At SUBWAY, the customer creates his own ‘perfect sub’ by building it together with our friendly Sandwich Artists.

That's me in black!
That’s me in black!

3. What are the most sold sandwiches in the UAE?

Almost all of the subs are popular. Roasted Chicken Breast, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Steak & Cheese, Turkey & Tuna are among the favorites of our consumers in UAE.

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4. How does Subway keep its customers coming back for more? How does it reinvent itself?

Our focus always remain on bringing the joy of eating better to all communities across the region. We do listen carefully to our customers and we do our level best to keep them interested, involved and feel a part of our brand. We highly believe that customer satisfaction is the most important element of the business equation. Having the brand closer to the consumers is something we always strive for; we focus all of our efforts to speak their language whether by engaging them at different levels & being part of their community or lifestyle or by adding new items they like and helping them choose better eating when it comes to quick service restaurants.

The various breads before they’re putting into the oven to baked for you

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