Gifts Of Gratitude: Inara & DANS Give Back A Lot Of Fun & More

gifts of gratitude

Tasnim Hasan Volunteering ,,,,,,,,

Philanthropy & generosity twirled and twisted in abundance at Inara and DANS’s collaborative event on October 16 & 17 2015. A highly efficient and hard-working team was formed as the two groups combined forces to implement a grand good deed.

In Dubai, numerous laborers work day in and day out in extremely harsh conditions to make our lives all that much better, with very meager compensation. Recognising the sweat shed by our unsung heroes, the Inara group brought together the voices and hands of dedicated do-gooders at the Gifts of Gratitude event.

While the practice of providing care packages is a popular one in the region, Gifts of Gratitude put a unique spin on the old and overdone; it became a both a community service and a lively daytime activity.

Inara and DANS created a competitive, electric atmosphere, unlike most charity events, wherein the participants got a taste of the satisfaction and joy, which the blue-collar workers would soon witness and feel. The initial expectation of 1500 crates filled with goodies had soon been surpassed with final donations exceeding 3000.


On packaging day, contestants were divided into two teams, responsible for filling the crates, but there was a catch: There were creative activities like a relay race, replicate the dance, rub the ice, circuit training and a treasure hunt, where winners get an advantage in the packing round.

And of course, there was dance: Both teams were rewarded with dance performances by DANS members.

Gifts of gratitude did not end at this. The welfare event continued to work through the next day to surprise the well-deserving. After the packing and wrapping of items, Inara and DANS reached the labour camps in Al Quoz to distribute the little care packages that were put together with care. They set up their vehicles and trucks in place and were ready to go! One by one, as the workers came by, picked up a gift bag and smiled with delight – a moment of gratification on both ends.


Their strategy and planning deserve an applause. To say the day was a rousing success would be an understatement akin to calling the sun warm. The kindness and love of so many people would have moved even the hardest of hearts.