This, That & Other Nonsense Vol. XXIII: Disturbing Dreams | PG Bhaskar


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Last night I had this dream. A nightmare, rather; one in which I was an employee in a multinational technology firm – possibly one of those which aims to place servers on the moon or enable cell phones drive cars … that kind of thing. Of course, that is aspiration for some but personally, technology and I have always maintained this distant, though cordial relationship. I mean, I can type manuscripts for my books using my laptop and have, over the years learnt to use the send button for email and that kind of thing, but I have never been entirely comfortable.

So I was pretty pissed off when technology invaded my night’s repose. I mean a joke’s a joke but this was pretty mean. But anyway, one has to face troubles when they come so I coped it with it best as I could. All around me I saw geeky, nerdy guys and girls walking around in jeans, looking important and creative. I avoided them and spent a good bit of time in the canteen. Then I pottered around till I found a lounge kind of place. I rather liked the feel of it. A few young folk were sitting on bean bags and things, looking thoughtful. I did too and must have dozed off. I was woken up by someone asking me in an urgent kind of tone, ‘Dude, listen! The Wide Area Cloud Resource Locator is under siege. Can you set up a quick app to do a nano-burst fix on the shell protocol?’

I blinked a few times. I couldn’t possibly give myself away. Then I had an inspiration. Of course! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? One has come across it so often.

‘Sorry!’ I told him shrugging my shoulders.

‘System is down.’

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