Closer To The Edge : 30 Seconds To Mars In Dubai


Karan Naik Music ,,,

The atmosphere was electric, the crowd high on excitement and decibel levels rapidly escalating as the lights come on and a messiah runs on o the stage to the front of the ramp waving the white flag with the familiar triad logo on it.

Few musicians have a stage presence as powerful as Jared Leto’s. The accomplished singer, guitarist, pianist and method ( Academy Award Winning) actor had the entire arena jumping on their feet. The opening track Up in the Air had the crowd in raptures right from the first second.

It was absolute brilliance. It’s like he can do no wrong.

And let’s not forget the rest of the trio. His brother Shannon Leto, the percussionist, and lead guitarist Tomo Miličević. They went on to play fan favorites The Kill, Hurricane and of course, This is War. Talent at its peak.

A burst of confetti and huge balloons floating around the fan pit made it an even grander experience. But it didn’t end there. Jared is known to engage with the crowd during concerts, and he didn’t disappoint. At one point he disappeared and popped up in a small space in the middle of the general area; the fans went wild as he played an acoustic versions of his tracks and one lucky girl got herself a selfie she’ll never forget.

The best was saved for last, with the trio giving it their all for one of most popular best tracks, Closer to the Edge. It ended with Jared and a bunch of fans singing at the front of the platform, with Jared screaming the chorus. A blast of white confetti, and Jared Leto holding one hand high in the air in front of his faithful echelon, brought Dubai Music Week 2015 [#DMW2015], to a fitting end.

One check off the bucket list for me: 30 Seconds To Mars in Dubai.