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Shoot 1971: Would You Save This Man From Getting Shot?

Shoot 1971

Dhruti Ghaghada Art Tid Bits ,

All for the love of art, Chris Burden, an American performance, sculpture and installation artist risked his life by asking a friend to shoot him with a .22 rifle from a distance of 15-16 feet.

What was supposed to just graze the side of his arm, ended up going through his arm instead. Why would someone go to such an extent and what for? This art bit was performed to showcase the nature of power and following orders.

This ‘act of violence’ is also meant to induce shock that used to follow violence. When seen in person, this act brings back emotions associated with violence, as opposed to watching it on TV [news and movies] to which we have grown fairly immune [during the Vietnam War].

Many of Chris’ works challenged the viewer to interrupt [no one ever did] an act of violence. From having pins pushed into his body to falling down flights of stairs, his work was intended to explore suffering and the human being’s reaction to another’s suffering. Food for thought, certainly.

Watch the shoot 1971 video here:

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