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5 Boho Chic Decor Accessories To Funk Up Your Room

boho chic decor

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The long-standing fad, which we casually quote for fashion and style, transpired in the 19th century in Europe. Of course, it wasn’t a fad then, it was the way artists, writers, musicians and actors lived – poor, unconventional, transitorily and free.

In the 60s and 70s, the boho spirit was glorified with the birth of the hippies. In the 90s, it transformed into ‘boho chic’ and crawled into the U.S. high fashion industry – frayed floral skirts, cowboy boots, eccentric scarves and loud prints – with Tom Ford’s collection. Like a flame on dry hay, the ‘Bohemian’ lifestyle spread across cultures and came to represent an indie, free-spirited, anti-establishment and adventurous way of being and dressing.

Today, it reflects the same values, maybe minus the ‘poor’ and has made its way into the interior design world as a means to self-express and display one’s ‘inner funk’. From loud, patched up sheets to light wooden interiors, it can elevate a contemporary-styled room with airy personality.

Here’s how to add a splash of hippie to your space with these 5 boho chic decor accessories:

1. Indian-Print Throw Pillows

boho chic decor

For the bold yet flexible designers, throw pillows are the way to go. Easily replaceable when this fad has run its course, they can add a cozy laidback feel to any couch.

2. Crocheted Rugs


Rub your feet on an offbeat loud rug with otherwise muted furniture. A rug will be a subtle yet stand-out component that meets the eye when you’ve settled in.

3. Untamed Plants  In Hand-Painted Pots


Here’s an opportunity to get crafty. Put on an old apron and paint a clay/ceramic pot with colors that reflect your insides. Only then will a guest be greeted with a room that looks like the den of a free spirit [like a patched up tent in a green, green forest].

4. Handmade Travel Collages


Here’s another DIY to lend the room some comfort. Gather your favourite holiday pictures, wanderer, and patch them together with some tribal print painting. A memory of being free in love for those long hard workdays.

5. Cleverly Mismatched Furniture Pieces


Make a statement with mismatched chairs, mugs, sofas, paintings or even wallpaper, reminiscent of those vagabonds that roamed the streets, pulling scraps together to make a home.

Don’t go over-the-top or the room will look like a time capsule from the 60s [unless that’s what you’re going for].