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It’s Indian Premier League time. And that’s got me thinking. Deeply. Philosophically.

Some three decades back, Cricket and Bollywood were two entirely different things. Never the twain did meet. One was a gentleman’s game. Men wore white or off-white, which was in cold weather, covered by a cream sleeveless sweater and at the toss, draped with a dark, dignified blazer. In sharp contrast, Bollywood was bright and colorful, even garish; loud sets, make-up and all kinds of hairdos. It was not always looked up to by the conservative Indian society.

But over the years, things have changed and how! It has become difficult to distinguish between the two. Take T20. Earlier, chaps wearing white clothes played with a red ball. Now guys in red clothes play with a white ball. There are lights, there are cameras and there is action. Players wear face paint and tattoos. Hair can be worn short, long or tied into a pony tail. Heads can be clean shaven or sport a Mohawk. Models turn up as anchors, cooing to players during breaks. The game has gone glam. Cheer girls break into dance, jiving to hit film songs at the slightest excuse. Players wear rock star-like shades. Maidens used to get bowled. Now they get bowled over. Batsmen now focus both on sixes and six-packs. It ain’t just ‘appeal’ any more. It’s sex appeal.

These two big Indian favourites, two magnificent spectacles have finally merged. They have become one. The great Indian tamasha. Twenty first century’s super circus.

Bhaskar is a private banker and Khaleej Times’ Friday humour columnist. He has authored several books and tries hard to keep up with the times @bhaskarpg and

Featured Image Artwork by Bhoomika Ghaghada