Fresh Graduates, Set Yourself Apart With These 5 Interview Tips:


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Job applications, interviews, cover letters and C.Vs. Job-hunting in the U.A.E can be a difficult, long-winded process if you don’t know how to traverse the interview and application process. All employers ask for work experience, and your internship experience may not suffice. So, the question arises, how can you prove yourself to be an invaluable part of your dream company? B-Change asked, the Middle East’s leading career site to share interview tips for the five ways in which you can distinguish yourself in the market:

Lead with your fresh ideas 

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The whole point is: you’re a fresh graduate. Maybe you have done a few internships, but apart from that, you are a stranger to the corporate world. This can work well in your favor as you can bring a new perspective to your organization. Let your employers know, during the interview that you are more than ready and willing to innovate, using all that you have learned from university! 62% professionals in the MENA say that innovation has led to improved financial performance according to the Innovation in the MENA poll, January 2013. You might be able to point out flaws that are, otherwise, unnoticed by the current staff.

Bonus B-Change tip: You can let your outfit speak too if you dress creatively [yet professionally]. Wear a memorable accessory or colour that will leave a refreshing impression.

Indicate your enthusiasm to learn on-the-job


An upbeat attitude towards work isn’t treated as naiveté these days – it’s a big asset. Being new to the market, your biggest strength is your ability to absorb and learn. I know that you’re determined to prove yourself [I’ve been there]. Use your prowess form University, and ask a lot of company-related questions in the job interview to show the interviewer you’re curious and enthusiastic.

Bonus B-Change tip: The best way to tell the interviewer you’re proactive without saying it out loud would be to ask them about what they’re facing a problem with at their company. A well-informed interviewer can give you one or two responses off the top of his head. Your job then is to ideate and give suggestions [If you can;t do it on the spot, send a follow up e-mail or call him]. It’ll stick – trust us.

Show your technical and management skills off


When applying for a job, you can make up for your lack of work experience by listing out the numerous technical skills you’ve been taught in college, such as computer skills. This is very important as 48% respondents in the Fresh Graduates in the MENA’ survey (January 2014) feel that computer skills are required to excel in the workplace. Emphasize these skills on your CV and cover letter. State that your analyzing and critical thinking abilities are very high, due to the amount of assignments that you had to complete in a short period of time. Other skills you might have acquired such as administration skills, communication and problem-solving skills should also be mentioned.

Bonus B-Change Tip: This is as simple as creating an online portfolio of your work. Keep the design clean and simple and choose a easily navigable theme – and show it off at the interview.

Stress on the fact that you have fewer personal commitments


Fresh graduates usually do not have familial commitments. This means we have more passion and time for work. Older individuals with family ties will have a harder time trying to balance work and family. In contrast, we don’t have problems working over-time or being handed additional assignments. This is the age when we build our careers up from the ground, work hard and tirelessly – Make sure your employer knows it.

Bonus B-Change Tip: The key is to emphasize time and again on how your age is an asset – lesser responsibility, greater flexibility, more energy, and you construct your life around work.

Display your supreme knowledge of technology


The generation gap becomes evident when it comes to technology. According to the Millennials in the MENA survey, February 2014, both millennials and the older generation agree that technology makes them more effective at work. Three quarters of those below 35 believe that older colleagues do not take full advantage of the technology available. On the other hand, you, as a fresh graduate, are able to type on a keyboard or on your mobile at an unmatchable speed [sometimes, at the same time]. You know all about social media as you use it every day and are aware of other technological trends as well. Let’s put it out there.

Bonus B-Change Tip: Make sure you’re up-to-date on tech news. Perhaps bring up an interesting fact. For instance, “did you hear about Twitter adding sponsored tweets on their platform? A more advertisement-friendly approach?”

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