B-Change Finds SALT, Dubai: A Hardcore Foodie’s Review


Karan Naik Food ,,

No, I’m not writing about how we went to the local store and bought ourselves some table salt. My life is more interesting than that. I’m talking about the elusive food truck everyone’s been raving about. The new reason people are heading to Kite Beach these days (besides the great weather of course). I’m talking about SALT and here’s the B-Change review:

Fantastic weather by local standards, some grub by the beach and great company provides a simple and straightforward formula for a great evening. I had been hearing rumors about a food truck in Dubai for some time, and my ‘Foodie Sense’ (in part assisted by social media) directed me to Kite Surf Beach, Jumeirah, where, sure enough, a steel van with a big SALT sign could be spotted with a line of people waiting


The X2: Hook – the Wagyu beef burger with HOOK Salt is their speciality. It’s not really salt – it’s a spicy mayo-based sauce, which goes perfectly with that beef and butter bun. If you ask me though, the X2: Cheetos burger gives the Wagyu some good competition; fried chicken with melted cheese and cheetos placed in between butter buns – what can go wrong? Top it off with any one of their milkshakes and you’ll know how Garfield feels after he finishes lasagna.


Don’t be disheartened by the long queue – the service is quick and your order will be up in less than 15 minutes. Place the order, they give you the disk and you wait at the other truck with the delicious smell of burgers wafting in the air. To top it off, the staff is attentive, courteous and friendly (a definite rarity world over).


To be honest though, what you’re going for is the ambiance and the setting. “Tasty, but not mind-blowing” is the common stance of the foodies I met there. That’s not to say it doesn’t taste great, but for that price, this Dubai boy deserves a bigger burger. That being said, it’s a personal opinion and as far as price goes, it’s subjective one, so I’ll let you decide for yourself.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with a hot beef burger by the beach in this chilly weather!

How to find it
It’s not like Narnia and it’s not even an actual food truck you have to run after (like the ones in the US or from the movie Chef). You don’t actually see the wheels and it doesn’t go around the city. It only shows up at a particular location for a few weeks when winter kicks off, and then it’s a long, hot wait for months to see where it will spring up next.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep track of it. Check out @findsalt on Instagram for updates on their current location!

The Foodie’s Verdict

B-Change Foodies give it a worthy 7.5/10.

It’s worth the trip. The weather makes it more tempting – and both won’t be around for very long either. So, I suggest you better get some SALT before it disappears, and add some flavor to your evening (pun intended).