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The Emotion of Addictions

Drug users and addicts never intended to end up in a hole in an alley. They begin using to temporarily escape the pain and harsh realities of life. Society today treats drug users and addicts as crimi…

Pain: The Mould of Life

An inescapable part of life. Long nights of sleeplessness, Intense periods of anxiety, Unbearable bouts of suffering. We’ve all been through pain. For those of us that have been through a breaku…

Merson Correya Travel

Let’s go to the mall. Let’s go to the café. Let’s meet for shisha. Let’s hit the movies. Our sources of leisure have become largely consumer-based. If we go somewhere with friends, it has to be to buy, drink or eat something. What about those pastimes we deem old-fashioned? Are these old-fashioned pastimes no longer […]