5 Very Good Reasons You Should Try Fishing This Weekend


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Let’s go to the mall. Let’s go to the café. Let’s meet for shisha. Let’s hit the movies.

Our sources of leisure have become largely consumer-based. If we go somewhere with friends, it has to be to buy, drink or eat something. What about those pastimes we deem old-fashioned? Are these old-fashioned pastimes no longer fun? We beg to differ.

Fishing, or angling has been around for thousands of years. It makes for a great hobby because it’s inexpensive [free] and in an age when 15 minutes is an excruciatingly long waiting time, it’ll help you develop patience. Although sometimes it takes hours for the first bite, it’s exhilarating and definitely worth the wait when you reel in your first catch.
Here’s why a fishing trip can make for a great weekend get-away activity:

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  1. Face-to-face time

Going out fishing with friends and family means time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To find a good spot, you usually have to go off the beaten track in search of a new place. The good old face-to-face conversations will be a refreshing change if you leave your phones behind and indulge in idle talk or catch up. Believe me, the disconnect will help you connect even more – and it’s the best setting for really getting to know someone [because they don’t have their armour of photos, music and phone calls to hide behind].
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  1. You’ll be attuned to the smallest vibrations

For those of us that have been fishing, this is a familiar feeling. You need to be really sensitive to the vibrations on the line if you hope to catch something. Life lesson: Pay attention to the smallest changes – they could change everything. This is something we all need to do more – take a breath and look around us before it passes us by.


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  1. It serves as good practice in letting go

Sometimes, the monster tugging at the other end of the line turns out to be no more than a couple of inches big. The sensible angler lets them go, because like in life, sometimes you need to let go of the small things to get bigger ones. Let the small fish go. Don’t try to hoard it all – you can’t use everything. [Contrary to popular belief, most released fish do survive after being caught and released.]


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  1. You’ll have hours of peace

Fishing takes hours of casting and staring out at the open water. This is the perfect chance to have some alone time with no one to bother you. Catching and handling bait makes us feel closer to nature. Going off into remote areas also ensures no phone calls interrupt your free time – It’s calm beyond belief.

  1. Catch your own dinner!

If by some stroke of luck, you do catch a fish, you’ll be so proud! Catching our own dinner like our ancestors is as badass as it gets. When people around the table revel in eating the fish you caught, grilled and seasoned, you’ll be beaming – because it marks a great accomplishment – mastery over patience and attentiveness.
So, when you have a few hours over the weekend, grab your favorite person, pack some food and drive off to a quiet place, and spend a sunny day by the water. It’s be a brilliant alternative to mainstream outings that you’ll [hopefully] fall in love with.