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A man with a majestic beard. Ironically, he likes it short and sweet [ironic because he's 6'5']. That's why these sentences are short. He thinks Goliath should've won. Likes John Green and has a cat named Inara. He is also one of the most diverse writers at B-Change, with both passion and compassion.

Game Review: Broforce

Some would say it isn’t fair to review an early access game- and it sometimes is. Most features of beta games aren’t added until the end, and sometimes there are too many glitches and crashes for the …

Jafar Rizvi Books ,,

There’s one thing that everyone knows about Kinokuniya (Book World) at Dubai Mall: it’s big. Really big. It goes in further than a dense forest, and it might as well be a forest what with all the dead trees lying around in bound form. But big as it may be, would it be possible to […]