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Game Review: Broforce

Game Review: Broforce, By Jafar Rizvi

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Some would say it isn’t fair to review an early access game- and it sometimes is. Most features of beta games aren’t added until the end, and sometimes there are too many glitches and crashes for the game to even function, but not in the case of Broforce.

What I love:

Broforce, luckily, is a game that can be summarised in one word, and that word is ’MURICA. This game is all the American stereotypes put together, but never in a bad way. Every checkpoint is a hoisted American flag. There are plenty of explosions and brutal deaths, but most importantly it consists of a cast member from every pop culture action movie the studio could think of. From Rambo to the Terminator; from The Boondock Saints to B.A. Baracus; from Agent J of the Men in Black fame to even Blade.

It seems to believe that anything with explosions and carnivorous dogs is bound to be the ultimate joyride and isn’t wrong. There’s a lot of satisfaction watching a well-aimed (not really) shot set off a chain reaction of barrels of oil and napalm missiles exploding, destroying everything  in a mile round radius.

Game Review: Broforce, By Jafar Rizvi

What’s not-so-good?

The aim of the game (hehe- rhyme) is to rescue captured prisoners as you navigate through Vietnam blowing things up. As you progress,s you unlock more characters of the titular ‘Broforce,’ all of whom have ridiculous puns in their names, the first being Rambro, and Brade, and The Brodock Saints, and many others. They sort of run together as the game goes on. Unfortunately, you can’t select which character you want to play as, and while the random element keeps you on your toes, it gets annoying when you’re stuck with Indiana Brones and his pathetic whip (seriously, his special attack is shooting a gun and you’re limited to 6 bullets).

Game Review: Broforce, By Jafar Rizvi

Favourite Bits:

Possibly the greatest part of Broforce is the pick up and play. Each level lasts no more than four and a half minutes; you can play it during your lunch break, and then come back and pick up where you left off. It’s amazing fun and definitely worth every penny, and what with it being in early access, we know it’s only going to get better.

The game takes me back to a Metal Slug-esque time, since it is in itself a purist’s action game, with no depth, no story and nothing but things going boom. It has a charm unlike any other, with its pixelated graphics and cheesy blood effects (also pixelated, much to my pleasure) and it is a must have for gamers and action lovers alike.

The Verdict:

My verdict? It’s a 7.5/10 game which is definitely worth it’s $15 asking price.