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A little too quiet in real life, Amrita prefers to let the loudness of her opinions express themselves in written form. A sucker for quiet nights under the stars, intelligent conversation and chocolate, she wants to travel the world (preferably with her typewriter), visit all the libraries she possibly can and hopefully revive the love for literature - both classic and well, not classic. She also enjoys employing sarcasm on a daily basis and cliche TV shows.

Why I Choose to be Child-Free

The acclaimed author may be speaking in a different context here; yet, her statement rings true down to this generation. Childlessness – that is, women choosing to live without having a child or the t…

Musings in the Toilet

It is the place where great ideas are born. The hall of introspection, the abode of ‘eureka’; yep, I’m talking about the bathroom/washroom/loo. It is so much more than just a place to clean oneself up…

Amrita Thakkar Adapt ,,,

Imagine walking into a room full of college students and asking for a show of hands from those who don’t drink or smoke. Chances are you won’t see a lot of them in the air. Certain practices go hand in hand with university – and smoking and drinking seem to be in the top three. […]