Would You Dare to Sleep in Your Driverless Car in UAE?


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Would you lie back and let a driverless car take control?

Traffic is an appropriate excuse for being late in Dubai at almost any hour. It’s a great conversation-starter and every resident’s worst nightmare in a city that is highly tech  savvy.

Given the option, however, residents would rather use the hours spent  in bumper to bumper traffic to do something productive.

Then, it’s less than surprising when YouGov’s Omnibus Service recent study found that a majority of UAE residents are excited about driverless cars and looking forward to having their minds free to get other work done.

The study shows that most UAE residents are enthusiastic about driverless cars.

57% of respondents aware of driverless car trials taking place in Downtown Dubai, however many have concerns over their safety and implementation.

Among leading opinion, residents are looking forward to getting around easier, less traffic congestion on the roads, and increased safety, which they assume will result from driverless cars.

Speaking on their phone car (44%), listening to the radio (39%), talking to other passengers (37%) and rest (37%) while using a driverless car came out with decent positive responses.

However, only 24% of residents would choose to sleep while in a driverless car.

While many find the biggest worry to be a risk of technology failure, software hacking or other mechanical failures, they also believe that creating separate lanes on the roads for driverless cars [a 6-lane SZR for the rest of us], and retaining manual controls in the cars would be possible solutions.

Since only a quarter of the respondents said they would sleep in a driverless car, we turn the floor to you: Would you feel comfortable snoozing while technology takes the wheel?

Driverless cars are currently being trialled in Dubai, driverless taxis are being trialled in Singapore and the USA, while in the UK, trials have even been approved in selected areas.


Would you feel at ease in your driverless car in UAE?

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