Infographic: What Does It Mean to Be a Harry Potter Fan?


Bhoomika Ghaghada Books

Imagine standing together with every Harry Potter fan in the world, like football fans in a stadium. You wouldn’t have room to breathe.

In our blind obsession with the films and books, it might be easy to overlook the enormity of the fan club you’re part of. Every plot hole you think of, someone has already thought of before.

Why can’t Veritaserum be used to identify those that were under the Imperius curse and those who followed Voldemort wilfully? Why didn’t Dumbledore just use a time turner to kill Voldemort before he was all-powerful? Why didn’t Dumbledore give Harry further instruction when he knew he was about to die?

Ask a Harry Potter fan what they thought of the last book, and you’ve got yourself some strong bonds or a few never-ending arguments. Sagas like Harry Potter that spanned over 7 years of our most impressionable youth, evened out race, income, gender and every other differentiator, with only the story in the foreground.

It’s not a fandom, it’s a community and the infographic below explains exactly where you stand:


Are you a part of the Harry Potter fandom? Give us your biggest head-scratchers in the comments below.

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