Nooks & Corners: BouBouffe Dubai Review

Boubouffe Dubai Review

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Sitting quietly at the corner of the bustling Sheikh Zayed and food-filled City Walk in Jumeirah, Boubouffe is a Lebanese eatery that combines the laidback vibe of a midnight café and the menu of a street food truck.


Where: Boubouffe, Sheikh Zayed Road [near Shangri La hotel]

How much: AED 200 for 2 [approx.]

Recommended: Spicy potato

Here’s the Boubouffe Dubai review-



We started with a classic Fattoush salad and hummus with a twist. The salad sang with crunchy fresh leaves, ample delicate dressing and plump cherry tomatoes – A must-order.

The hummus while silky smooth and whipped-cream light, was infused with ghee and pine nuts. The overall texture of the dish with baked khubs is good, but overbearing on the tongue after a few bites [unless you want to skip mains].



Their Mozzarella burger came with no vegetables – just a patty and added ketchup in a bun – unseasoned and disappointing.

The chicken shawarma was laid out on a crispy khubs with garlic mayo on the side. While the meat was cooked well with a char, the overall punch on the palate missed the mark.



Classic Arab sweets, including the beloved Kunafa, and desserts like Chocolate Mousse and Carrot Cake had us second-guessing our dessert order for a long while.

While the pre-made Atayef could have used a bit more crunch on the outside, the filling of sticky pistachios was delicious.

Service & Ambience

What is the best thing about this place? The décor and the coffee.

Soothing yellow walls, an open and well-lit space with plenty of green and wood, the contemporary feel of Boubouffe combines a home-y setting with modern edge.

With excellent attention to detail and a polite and helpful staff that is well-versed with the menu, you won’t want to leave this home-y feeling café.

Have you been to Boubouffe Dubai? What was your take on the place? Tell us in the comments below.

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