Nooks & Corners: Fumé Review

Fumé Review

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Fumé is located smack in the middle of Downtown Dubai, allowing for spectacular views of Burj Khalifa. It pitches itself as a neighbourhood eatery, which is tastefully portrayed through its rustic wooden interiors and simplistic homey décor. Additionally, they have a lovely little terrace with outdoor seating that will be an ideal dinner date spot during the upcoming months. This homegrown concept has an interesting menu that is inspired by flavors from around the world, tying together Eastern and Western palates.



We started with a crispy duck salad that went beyond our regular expectations of this popular dish. It came with juicy watermelon, fresh mint and coriander, and crunchy cashew nuts (to name a few), all drizzled with a light hoisin sauce dressing. The result? A colorful smorgasbord of flavors and textures that will delight you. As if one delicious appetizer wasn’t enough, we were presented with a steak tartare, on top of which stood perched a perfectly runny organic egg. The egg did wonders to the already flavorful tartare by bringing about a creaminess that went well with the side of toasted sourdough.

Main course


After a hugely successful round of appetizers, a Fume specialty, Norwegian Salmon, made its way to our table. Served with a side of teriyaki sauce and pickled cucumbers, this Asian inspired dish owes its popularity to its distinct smoky flavor coupled with a piquant aftertaste courtesy of toasted fennel seeds. The salmon stood out particularly due to its execution – perfectly seared crispy skin on the outside and juicy on the inside, a skill yet to be mastered by several restaurants in the city. An interesting addition to our meal was the smashed potatoes, topped with crème fraiche (upscale sour cream) and capers. This was a unique (and now preferred) take on baked/jacket potatoes that surprisingly didn’t bring up any guilt for carb-loading.

And finally, dessert.


If you’ve ever dreamt about a 12 inch éclair, you’ll find it at Fumé. You read that right. A footlong chocolate éclair that oozes out salted caramel. The latter seems to be all the rage right now, and this dessert tells us why we love it. We forced ourselves to switch to the date and banana pudding that, when eaten with the accompanying custard and vanilla ice cream, tasted like Christmas.


If it isn’t obvious by now, we love Fumé’s unique renditions of international dishes. There is no fuss about the food – simple and packed with flavor. They encourage sharing, as do we; after all, you will want to try a little of everything. To add to the pros, service is attentive and friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

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