Changing Career Paths: Here’s What You Need To Know

Changing Career Path

Humna Naqvi Career

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.
 – Steve Jobs

With every decision we make, our lives transform for either the better or the worse. Even so, we never stop ourselves from becoming who we wish to become. Life takes us through many journeys and never fails to let us experience new things and deal with challenges of our own. In the end however, what really counts is whether the entire struggle was worth. Do you wake up every morning and find yourself excited for the day ahead? Do you come home and say “yeah, I totally annihilated at work today” after a busy day at work? In order to achieve that, why not try exploring different fields of interest? Because what really is the point of doing anything if you’re unhappy? It’s never too late.

We spoke to two people who were kind enough to share their experience of switching careers with us-

Hassan Shahid Siddiqi, a graduate from an American business school, started off his career path as a Corporate Tax Accountant. After eight long years in the field, he switched to entrepreneurship. A few months into the job, Hassan realized that studying accountancy “was a mistake.” He said, “I’ve never had the aptitude or inclination or any interest in accounting. I was always dominated by the right brain- the creative type who liked people more than numbers.”

He eventually launched his own business, adding, “I’m very happy to say the switch was a good decision.” He was happy to serve the community through this startup.

Hassan decided to become an entrepreneur for two reasons. Firstly, he saw many opportunities and decided to go for them, he also said, “Second, entrepreneurship offered me the opportunity to articulate an institution that would inspire our community.”

When asked about whether it’s easy to change career paths, the 33-year-old entrepreneur said, “Change of any kind is not easy; especially changing for the better… If you are young, it is easier to change because you still have time on your side. If you are old, change is much harder. So I advise most young people to go for their dreams and trust that things will work out.”

The CEO of advices, “We have limited time in our day and our life in general. I want people to think more about the value of their time. We don’t value our time very well. Time is much more important than money. So value your time and spend it on things that really matter to you.”

A recent University of Texas at Austin graduate, Sarah Nasir, decided to switch from BBA – marketing to Corporate Communications. She said the former “wasn’t the right fit for me.” Being a housewife and a mother, Sarah said, “This major required less devoting time compared to my previous one,” adding that, “I’m very much glad that I made the right choice at the right time.”

When asked about whether it’s easy to change career paths in a general sense, Sarah said, “No I think it is difficult for someone who has already almost completed an education,” adding that, “but I guess if you really want to achieve something there’s always hard work involved.”

The 25 year old is satisfied to graduate with her current major, nothing that, “Corporate Communication is something I can do with more passion and I think it is definitely the right fit for me.” She concluded by saying “it’s never too late to switch back to what you love to do, people almost always make wrong choices, but the real deal is to correct them at the right time.”

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