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Tilt Brush: Virtual Reality Painting


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I have never been much good at art. Any attempt to sketch, paint, or craft has led to an apparent disconnection between my brain and my hands, rendering the results… well, pathetic really.

And as an emotionally healthy, well-rounded person, my response to this lack of talent has been to be flamingly jealous of anyone who can draw and to swear off me ever trying to do so again.

Like I said. Emotionally healthy. Well-rounded. Very Zen.

Thing is, I often break that promise about not trying, and after finding out about Tilt Brush by Google, the temptation to disappoint myself again is back with a vengeance.

Tilt Brush is a software for the HTC Vive that lets you paint in 3D with virtual reality.

Yeah, even a bitter non-artist like me wants to try it.


You get to choose from a number of brushes that generate different effects like smoke or ink, and literally (well, virtually) walk around your art as you paint.

You can even share the results as either a room-scale piece or an animated gif image.

…I, however, would probably skip this part and spare innocent eyeballs.

What you need

 To get in on this futuristic art action, you’ll need the HTC Vive, which you can pre-order for about $800 because just like reality reality, virtual reality ain’t cheap.

The Tilt Brush software itself is available on Steam for $29.99, which I think is a fair price for something that lets you paint in thin air.

Is it worth it?

 Well, virtual reality seems to be the next frontier in technology, and that is extremely exciting. The HTC Vive would be cool to have not just for Tilt Brush but also for all the VR games making their way into the mainstream.

 As for Tilt Brush, reviewers on Steam have almost nothing but high praise for it. Whether you’re an artist looking for a new experience, or a dud like myself who just wants to see what it would be like, I’d say the software is definitely worth checking out if you can afford it.

Any artists in the house? Are you excited to try Tilt Brush or do you prefer traditional canvas/paper/drawing tablet? What about you guys who don’t usually draw?

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