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6 Iconic Game of Thrones References

Game of Thrones References

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Lines like ‘Luke, I’m your father’ and ‘Say hello to my little friend’ among many other iconic ones have etched their place in Hollywood history.

On a colloquial pop-culture level, they’ve become part of common exchanges, with a reference to Star Wars/Scarface embedded even for those with no prior history with the franchise/movie.

The dialogues, stand-alone, have become entities of their own, symbolic of a memorable turning point in a plot ripe with beloved characters.

Thanks to the silver screen, great production value and an inescapably riveting story, Game of Thrones has joined the greats in its complexity and penetration into pop culture.

Here are six iconic Game of Thrones references we think will go down in the books, for our kids to remember and repeat:


1. Hold the door

Emotional and telling in nature, this is one for the ages. It’s a simple phrase with a whole lot of weepy connotations.

2. Valar Moghulis – All men must die

A Lannister always pays his debts, winter is coming and the night is dark and full of terrors, but ‘All men must die’ is a strengthening and humbling statement – a constant reminder of eventual death.

3. You know nothing, Jon Snow

A tragic and epic love story between two people from different sides of a wall, and their initial friction and chemistry all come to mind.

4.  For the watch

Before a Ceaser-like end for Snow, hearts burned all over the world as Olly twisted the last knife in. A cruel and heart-wrenching betrayal you will tell your kids about.

5.  A girl is no one

In her quest to become ‘no one’, Arya endured blindness, starvation, intense fights and bruises. How do you become no one? An enigmatic question we need to ask Martin.

6.  The Red Wedding

Wedding and red are both simple words. Put them together and you’ve got yourself the memory of a gory massacre that still makes your blood boil in the house of Walder Frey.

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Have we missed out on any iconic Game of Thrones references? Tell us in the comments below.