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A lot of folks who would be reading this article will know that the artist is not the most important person in the entertainment business. It’s the people who make the artists, artists. Meet one of the directors at Envie Events Dubai, Nicolas Vandenabeele.

Nicolas knows a thing or two about staging a successful concert, having hosted the first Sensation White outside the Netherlands at Meydan in Dubai last year. He followed those that with the likes of Martin Garrix and Hardwell live at Meydan as well.

Envie Events in Dubai is now geared up to bring in Armin van Buuren’s Armin Only Embrace world tour to Dubai this coming Friday (May 20, 2016).

Ahead of the big gig, Nicolas takes us backstage and talks to us about the clubbing trends in Dubai, quashes artist demand rumours and shares some of the happenings that go behind staging huge events in Dubai.

Now, it is important to note that Nicolas has some solid experience in the “EDM” scene. He spends his summer in the clubbing in Ibiza and runs a club in his native Belgium as well. To top of everything I have just written, he comes from the lot behind the mammoth festival i.e. Tomorrowland.

At one point I decided to quit my job and to get a position in a nightclub. I gave myself 12 months to achieve that goal.  I moved to Dubai to start a new adventure.

Nicolas is living his dream with Envie Events and it is easy to see that he knows and lives what he talks about. To give you a background of how Nicolas got to his current position, in his own words, “From a young age I started organizing my own parties. I finished high school and started working in a warehouse for construction materials. I stayed there for 4 years and in the mean time I kept on organizing my parties and was present in Belgian nightlife five days a week. At one point I decided to quit my job and to get a position in a nightclub. I gave myself 12 months to achieve that goal. After 10 months I got the opportunity to start working as VIP manager for the biggest club in Belgium. Six months later I was in senior management so for me it was a dream come true. After 5 years there I resigned and moved to Dubai to start a new adventure.” How’s that for planned growth?

Well, tune in to his revelations in the videos below:

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Come back on May 20 for an exclusive announcement about Sensation Dubai 2016!

Nicolas Vandenabeele, Director and Co-Founder, Envie Events Dubai