Hardwell: Perhaps, I Will Play Spaceman


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This one is huge. B-Change spoke to DJ Hardwell exclusively and the Dutch prodigy did not hold back. The ‘Big Room House’ dynamo will showcase his solo mega-hit global tour and headline a three-hour Dubai exclusive set after a supporting act by “Kill the Buzz.”

The concert taking place at the Meydan Racecourse will open its gates 7 pm and should on till 2 am. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, do it now, because Hardwell is hot property and you WANT to see him while he’s still touring. Nobody ever knows when he may pull a Swedish House Mafia and decide to call it a night.

So, here’s our quick chat with Hardwell, wherein he reveals some details about the way he works including a potential set list and his pre-show rituals:

1. Which artists are impressing you right now?

I’m really supporting guys on my record label Revealed Recordings. So guys like Julian Calor, Thomas Newson, Kill the Buzz and Manse are some of the artists who are really impressing me right now and defintiely artists you guys should check out some time.

2. What are your pre-show rituals? Do you like to drink something to get you in the mood or eat something special?

I keep it quite simple and relaxed and have some chill time with my tour team before my set. We usually share a drink and have some laughs and I get into the right mood of going on stage and giving the crowd my all and sharing an amazing night with them.

We usually share a drink and have some laughs and I get into the right mood of going on stage.

3. What is your setlist for Friday? Can we expect a Spaceman finale?

You’ll have to come to the show to find out what I’ll be playing. I never pre-plan my sets to know exactly what I am going to be playing on the night, instead I like to sort my music before the show so I know what I have with me and then see what the atmosphere and crowd are like on the night.

It’s all about what is going on on the dancefloor and then me building my set around that energy. If the right moment is there then perhaps I’ll play ‘Spaceman’ but you’ll have to come and see the show for yourself to find out.

4. Any advise for bedroom producers who’re starting of like you once did?

Believe in yourself and the music you love. Don’t follow the trends but try to push boundaries and take your sound to new places. Be creative and follow what feels right for you.

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